shutters on sliding door

Plantation Shutters

by Hunter Douglas

For decades, vertical blinds have been the standard for sliding glass doors. After all, these widely-used window coverings offer the functionality you need. Sliding glass doors, usually leading to a deck or patio, see plenty of traffic, and the side-to-side movement of vertical blinds allow easy access. They even allow enough wiggle room to sneak the dog in and out without having to open them.

Fast forward to 2022, and there are numerous other options available when choosing window coverings for sliding glass doors. Today’s window treatments are flexible, stylish and adaptable. For those seeking alternatives to vertical blinds, we have a few great ideas to consider.

Roller Shades – Even more versatile than previous generations, roller shades are sleek and modern, offered in a nearly unlimited range of colours and materials. Providing a clean and simple look, roller shades pair nicely with practically any décor style or aesthetic.

Because roller shades have a thin “stack” that takes up minimal space above a doorway, they work nicely for sliding glass doors. There’s no ducking under them as you pass through the doorway. Roller shades give you the ability to add light control and privacy to your sliding glass doors, blocking the sun without sacrificing your view.

Solar Shades – A subset of roller shades, solar shades offer the same streamlined, classic look with a small “stack.” The added advantage of solar shades is that they manage sunlight, blocking UV rays and reducing heat transference. Solar shades filter harmful UV rays to prevent them from damaging your furnishings and flooring.

Solar shades are available in a variety of opacities, letting you choose your preferred balance between light and privacy. Referred to as the “openness factor,” solar shades come in opacities ranging from 1% through to 14%. A 1% openness factor is tightly woven, blocking nearly all light and view, while a solar shade with a 14% openness factor offers a view similar to that of a window screen while reducing glare.

If you want the ability to enjoy the view while blocking the sun’s harmful rays, solar shades are a great choice.

Drapes & Privacy Sheers – If you’re looking for a polished look, consider custom drapery. Both drapes and privacy sheers offer plenty of flexibility, letting you choose bright light, muted light or complete privacy. A blackout panel built into your drapes will also block all the light when it’s time to sleep while creating an energy-efficient barrier to block the hot summer sun and cold winter air. Custom drapes and privacy sheers can work together with roller shades on a sliding glass door for a variety of options.

Shutters – Shutters work beautifully with patio and sliding-glass doors. Perfect for modern aesthetics, shutters can be made with bypass and bi-fold track systems for flexibility and functionality.

Vertical Blinds – Vertical blinds are still an excellent choice for sliding glass doors. No longer limited to the cheap whites and cream vinyl panels of years past, vertical blinds are now available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures and can be the ideal solution for patio doors. Vertical blinds also offer an excellent balance between light and privacy.

Other Options – In the world of modern window coverings, you’ll find a variety of great options for sliding glass doors in 2022. You also do not need to limit yourself to just one—mix and match, combining shades and blinds with sheers or drapery. Or work to improve your home’s energy efficiency with window treatments that offer high heat-reflecting materials, cellular shades to offer an insulating barrier or motorization features that open & close on a pre-set schedule.

Whether you’re looking for an upscale, sophisticated look, improving your view while maintaining privacy, or seeking energy-efficient options for your window coverings, Preston Blinds can help. Our experienced design professionals can offer expert advice, including free in-home consultations, complete with samples to make it easy for you to visualize your options. Book a consultation today!